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Kirkpatrick & Associates was founded by Dr. Stephen Kirkpatrick


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Kirkpatrick & Associates

Recently a mentor asked us:

"What are you really great at doing?"


After thinking for a moment, the answer came relatively quickly:


Then, the mentor asked a second question.

"What else do you do really well?"


With strong business acumen, we are also really good at implementing these kinds of solutions:


We have done these things in all kinds of organizations, from the military, to governments, Wall Street, manufacturing, sales, and service. We have worked on six continents.


We have found that too often strategic planning generates nothing but three-ring binders or PowerPoint presentations that collect dust and change the politically correct phrases within the culture, but little else. Strategic redirection occurs when there is meaningful change in teams, operational processes, and product/service outputs. In other words, planning is not enough; you have to execute.


How We Work

Signpost: leadership, marketing, strategy, technology, innovation"Vision without execution is hallucination."

— Thomas A. Edison


We get it: you have to execute.


We can only add value if we help you execute faster, more cost effectively, with better quality.


To do that, it is not enough to be great at coaching leaders, building teams, and managing change. We have to easily and effectively provide a number of other, related kinds of solutions.


The first thing we have to do really well: draw upon our decades of experience with business organizations in many different industries to truly understand what is unique about your business, your organization.


Second, we anticipate change in your business and economic environment for two reasons. We have those decades of experience from which to draw analog thinking. We have seen patterns like the current situation before. And, we understand that knowing "the only constant is change," is old news.


The new news is the rapidly accelerating rate of change in our times. Change happens in ever-faster cycles. More numerous and more complex dynamics drive the changes: technology, globalization, innovation, geopolitics, economic cycles, and regulation (and deregulation, and re-regulation).


We speak the language of business.


We can read and interpret a profit and loss statement, as well as a balance sheet and a statement of cash flows.


We remember when marketing was all about segmentation, and we understand that now it's about social media trending and data analytics.


We have worked with supply chains in industries as varied as pharmaceuticals, auto parts, and office supplies. We understand that while once the goal was to mass-produce robots, now robots perform mass production.


Top Quartile Performance

Dr. Stephen Kirkpatrick
is affiliated with Top Quartile Performance Institute



Our Core Values are Clear and Straightforward:


How can we help you?

Write or call us. Tell us about your business and what's keeping you awake at night. If we believe we can help your organization perform better, we will tell you why we believe that and how we can partner with you to execute solutions.


No pressure, no hype, no hard sell.


Let's have a candid conversation and see where it leads.